Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow... well let me just say...we are so behind on posting on our blog! Our hope is to be better at this! :)

But in the meantime...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Kyle and I were so blessed to be able to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. We wanted to host last year but we moved the week before Thanksgiving, so we told everyone last year that we would host in 2010.

Our guests included Kyle's parents, Sandy's mom and dad (Kyle's grandparents), my parents, Sam and Amy, and a friend of Kyle's.

Kyle and I were about to put the turkey in the oven when my parents arrived. So they helped us rookies get the turkey properly ready---Thank you Mom and Dad!

Just as the turkey went in the oven we discovered a little problem... a plumbing problem that is. Both showers and both toilets were backed up with water. Kyle's dad came over with his 25' plumbing snake and try to fix it; all the while my dad was trying to find the sewer clean out. After a few hours of this it was time to call for help---Roto-Rooter. John, from

Roto-Rooter, showed up a little bit before 3pm just after we made a trip to Kyle's grandparents house for a bathroom excursion. While John and his supervisor Horacio, were finding the blockage and the clean out dinner was coming together nicely. Their magical camera found the blockage----and guess where it was.? Right at the clean out! Thank you Lord for answered prayer! John was able to clear the blockage and make sure our clean out was accessible. We finished dinner right as John was leaving.

And then came dessert! Holy Moly...we had Chocolate Pie, Lemon Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Peach Cobler, Cheesecake (for mom's birthday) and snickerdoodles. From dinner to desert, the food was amazing! Before dessert we sang "Happy Birthday" to my mom and watched her open her gifts.

Kyle and I wanted to keep the Lerman tradition of watching "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." It was so much fun sitting in our living room with our family all laughing and enjoying the evening together. It really warmed my heart! It was a reminder of just how thankful I am for them.

Here are some pictures from Turkey day (courtesy of Momma Lerman). Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed time of family and friends as well!

With Love,
Holly & Kyle

Happy Birthday Mom!

Dish up people!

Thanksgiving Spread

Our Thanksgiving Table


Steve's girl said...

Nice blog post!

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and one you will always remember! Thank you for being such great hosts and opening your house this year. Also for keeping the tradition alive!

Love you both!

Thomas said...

I am glad you all had a great Thanksgiving. I, too, am extremely thankful for my family. I am glad you got the blockage taken care of. It is funny, we had a tenant with a blockage too. I tried my snake to no avail, had a plumber with the same results (did not charge since they did not fix it), and then I was inspired on how to take care of the problem. The power of prayer is awesome. We are grateful for that too. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Uncle Thomas & Aunt Stephanie

Bob and Audrey said...

Family is awesome -- never forget that. When the whole world seems to be falling apart, there is the family, always with open arms and open hearts. I may be away from the family but the love and memories keep pouring out. Thanks for the emails, phone calls, postings, etc. I had a marvelous with Rob, Tim and Susie Q. Yes, Susie Q got turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy too! Christmas will be sad but I have to make it through a Christmas alone at some point -- may as well be this year and get it over. Not sure what I am doing yet but I will make the best of it. So Happy Belated Thanksgiving to everyone. Wished I could have been there but I was there with you in spirit. I thank God daily for my family and talk to my Honey every day. Did you all go out on Black Friday and do some shopping? Love you all, Grammy

Susan Marie said...

What a memorable day! I started stressing as I read about your plumbing problems, but it sounds like you went with the flow (pun intended, HAHA!). What a beautiful table, and I'm so happy you had all your loved ones sitting around it on this special day. We are SO blessed, and I continue to thank Jesus for bringing you and Kyle together.

XOXO Susan Baldi