Monday, February 15, 2010

Our First Valentine's Day (as a married couple)

This year was our first time celebrating Valentine's day as a married couple! It was a great day!!!

Our day started off with church (great way to get the day going), and it was so awesome for me in a couple ways, not only for the obvious reason! The first is that my sweetie pie brought me flowers to church!! So--I was the only girl at church with flowers from her beau! He is so sweet and thoughtful! He just amazes me. The second way that church was awesome for me is that I could actually hear Kyle playing the piano this time. Normally I have a really hard time hearing him if at all. So that was quite a treat! Whoever ran the board Sunday did a great job.

After church we headed to our local Red Robin. It was very yummy! We both really like Red Robin, especially now that we can figure out how to customize our meals since we are on our diets! The music was awesome in Red Robin too--no Kyle was not playing :(.

After Red Robin we went to our local bowling alley. Now... I can never recall bowling, so this was my very first time! And I really enjoyed it! Kyle did a great job, especially not having bowled for so long. We played four games and my scores were (in order from start to finish): 80, 88, 54, 50 (do you see a pattern?!?!). Kyle did great his scores were: 107, 118, 111, 131. It was soo much fun; I am looking forward to doing it again!

After bowling we went grocery shopping to prepare for a nice evening with Kyle's parents. We made them dinner and dessert, and since we have the big 'ol TV we had them over for the season premiere of Amazing Race. We all like the show so it was a good excuse to get together.

I could not have asked for a better Valentine's Day with my love! It was so much fun and just a great time spending it together and with family.

Valentine's Day a year ago was the day we settled on getting married at Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom. It was a very special day last year as well.

There will be more updates to follow, as we have a new member of the family: our dog Scout; who we have not properly introduced yet on the blog.

Love n' Hugs,



Kyle said...

Yes, it was a fun Valentine's Day - even if my parents did come over!! ;) Just kidding, that was fun too.

Thanks for the nice comments, my love - I couldn't have asked for a sweeter wife myself! XOXO

Steve's girl said...

Very nice post Holly! As you can see by Kyle's comment, he saves all his sweetness for you!

We really enjoyed spending the evening with you both and dinner was delicious! Good job chefs!

Dad said...

Holly, very good post. It sound like you both had a great day together. We enjoyed spending time with both of you. Good dinner.

Ed's girl said...

Great post Holly! Sounds like you both had a wonderful first Valentine's Day! :)