Tuesday, June 9, 2009

House Update

As most, if not all, of you know, Holly and I were in the process of buying a house in Orangevale. After much prayer, considering the price of the house, and considering the cost of the likely repairs/upgrades it would need in the next several years, we decided to back out of the deal and keep looking. We feel that the house God has in store for us to buy is still out there, and that we need to be more patient and keep looking.

This process of cancelling the contract also left us with an opportunity to change realtors. Without going into detail or being rude, suffice it to say that our previous realtor was not the right one for us, and was not a very good one in general in our opinion. We were not treated right and felt like we could not trust him. Thus, we are feeling relief that when we re-start the process of looking at homes (hopefully this weekend), we have the priveledge of doing so with a different realtor, someone who comes with a good recommendation from a trusted source this time.

Our house hunting thus far has been a true learning experience for Holly and me. We are learning exactly what needs and desires we have when it comes to a house and a neighborhood in which we want to live and raise our future kids. But more importantly, we are learning to be more patient and to seek and trust God's guidance more as we wait for Him to show us what He has in store for us. We are also learning to prioritize our activities more, and we have made it very clear to our new realtor that we will be putting our wedding planning first and looking at houses when something that we really want to see comes along. As much as we would like to be constantly searching for a house, we need to not stretch ourselves so thin and to get our priorities in order. Cancelling our contract with the house also means that we will almost certainly not own a home by August 1st, so we are now looking for an apartment to move into together when we are married. We are still excited to find out what our house will be and can't wait to find it and buy it, and are awaiting God's word and timing to put everything in place!

(I posted another blog entry this evening in addition to this one, so be sure to scroll down below this post or click here to see the blog entry about Spirit West Coast also!)

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Steve's girl said...

A wise person learns from an experience and then puts the knowledge into practice. I think this house adventure has proven you both wise!