Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crewing @ the Breast Cancer 3-Day

For those that may not know, I participated in a 3-Day Breast Cancer walk last September. The walk spanned 60 miles in one of the most fun places--San Francisco. I walked about 45 of the 55 total miles and I loved every minute!! It was such an amazing experience that I wanted to be a part of it again this year. After telling Kyle about the event he was eager to join me this year.

We made the decision to Crew (aka: volunteer) at the event this year. We filled out our forms and have officially been assigned to the Lunch Crew!! I am really excited about this opportunity--Lunch is the half way point for the day and from experience getting support and cheers from the lunch crew was soo helpful in keeping me going the rest of the day.

We have been in email contact with our group leader, and we are in the process of choosing a theme for our lunch area. I voted for 50's diner theme!!

We are both excited to be a part of this event and honor those that are close to our hearts who have been affected by this evil.

Being crew members we are not required to raise money, but each of us has set a goal of $500 to raise for the cause. If you feel compelled to please pick one of the widgets to the right and donate. Even if it is $5 that would be awesome!

My friend Laura has offered to organize an all day scrapbooking day to benefit our crewing efforts. We are looking at holding this event in late August. Wish us luck!!

We will definitely keep you posted on the event, and thank you for your support!!


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